Jeplock Kasika (32), coordinator


Cofounder of GAD. Deals with programs and links GAD with major international orgazations, donors and the Congolese government. In addition to being a field officer he works with strategies that leads effectively to the target. Passionate about sensitizing the youth to engage in a better future for the society.

Desire Muhasa (35), program manager


Cofounder of GAD, and responsible for the various GAD programs, providing acticity plans and updating the team before a new program commences. Has long experience in monitoring project with high work capacity in hard conditions. A passionate GAD promoter wherever he goes. Holds a Masters degree in wild life preservation.

Moise Katimika (35), Head of accounts


Volunteer since 2015. Holds a BA plus three years in accounting and management, he has headed a reforming process and improved our administration by providing training and tools for program and logistics.

Aimee Matungulu (22), food security monitor


Volunteer at the GAD office since 2013. Works with Pygmee communities, providing shambas to the camps and integrating them into the Congolese society. Together we deal with questions such as the consequences of unhygienic camps, the impact of climate change on wild life, alcohol abuse’s affect on family life and the importance of education.

Esperance Mbugheki (33), field officer in education


Volunteer at the GAD-officr since 2012. Deals with education at schools with children under GAD support, assuring they don’t drop out. She is also important in linking GAD to each community and patents that fits our donations.

Pierrot Makasi (28), field protection officer.

Voluneer at the GAD office since 2012. With a Bachelor’s degree in community development, He is particularly concerned eith the elder’s situation, and organizes GAD visits to elders. He also oversees the cllaboration between GAD and the civilian affairs ministry of the Ituri province.

Endite Sukari (36), health monitor, land owner and strategist


 Volunteer at the GAD office since 2010. Deals with health around the camps by sensitizing the communities in cleaning and personal hygiene. As son of one of the land owners in Mambasa territory Endyte is also responsible for agricultural activities that generate revenue for GAD. He also works with strategies on how his land can be used as a solution to the misery in Mambasa territory. Married and father of five.

Annie Zabibu (24), logistics officer

Deals with the protection of vulnerable women and engaged in logistics. She encourages young ladies to fight child marriages and get a proper education. Annie herself got married July 2015.