Women micro finance

It’s said that it’s more dangerous to be a woman than an soldier in DRC. This terrifying fact is not only associated with rape, but also general violence, torture and plundering. As if that’s not enough, their husbands often leave them and the society tend to shun them. But the past six months low status-women are making more progress than any other group in their local communities.

Microfinance groups initiated and organized by victims of sexual assault are now paving the way for small scale entrepreneurship among women in Province Orientale and North Kivu. GAD occasionally contributes to this positive trend by giving the women who are capable of managing the loan in a profitable way. The others we try to support by giving them free medication and health checks after sexual assaults and referring them to women groups. There they do work related activities so that they’ll learn a profession in addition to make friends.

Winter 2016 Great Actions for Development is launching pioneer project aiming to reintegrate victims of sexual violence into society. As a local organisation we have built respect and trust over time. This gives us the opportunity to follow how education and entrepreneurship benefit the offendants and their local communities.

Moreover, GAD arrange support groups and spread awareness on Facebook and on Twitter.