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The pygmies are the indigenous people of DR Congo. Up until today, most of the pygmies in the rainforest of Mambasa used to live as hunter-gatherers in a subsistence economy. With the assistance of GAD, many of them have now taken their first steps to integrate into the village communities and raise their social status. This is how we do it:

  • Teaching them to cultivate their own piece of land.
  • Building a new school and provide teachers for the children.

GAD founder Jeplock Kasika´s blog post on the new school



3 Replies to “Pygmies”

  1. Hello everybody;
    I am interrested in GAD actions since my childhood:
    Here is my mobile number, touch me and get about a hundred killograms of clothes for both pygmies and elders living under stress in East of DRC: 00243859219192

    Goma DRC

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