A personal story

My name is Evariste, I am 30 years old, I am Christian, I am married and father of two children; I live a little distant from my biologic family due to the displacement of population linked to the war in our province of Ituri in former time, my parents live at north kivu province in a huge village named Matembe near Butembo town. I and my family live in Bunia, I m dealling with the commercial activities.

Just after the war 2005-2007, I was a seller of the cow meat at the butcher shop located a few 13 kilometers from Bunia to Komanda; from the butcher shop activity I could easily feed my familly, covering my lodg fees of 20 dollars and unable to support some other need of my family.

EvaristeNowadays, initiated by the friend of mine named Faustin, this one linked me to the GAD organization in its microfinance deal, and I am thankful to the GAD support thanks to which I am selling luxury shoes for both men and women in Bunia town.

GAD gave 200 dollars the very first time and I gave back 240 dollars to the organization After selling buying my shoes, and I myself earned about 90 dollars as benefit after paying all tax and the transport fees of shoes from kampala.

I am not concerned with travelling and shopping in kampala but as I joined the friend’s deal, I used to send him with my money to get shoes, he gives my luggage after giving transport fees as I cannot make road together with him because my money still few while considering the different tax and right of living in Uganda to avoid the lost.

I thank our Lord infinitely for the answer to my dream to find a loan from NGO GAD represented locally by the Coordinator JEPLOCK.

The loan from GAD facilitates the business operations because here the interest is adapted, I am helpful since then and I am easily paying school fees for my children, dressing covering other vital problems for my family.

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