Congos pygmy education


How  global warming affects pygmies

The pygmies prefer living in the shades. They build huts with leaves and small trees, and live in groups of ten or twenty huts, with one leader called Mangese meaning «chief of camp». Pygmies are specialized in hunting small and great animals, insect and collecting fruits, mushrooms, honey and roots for their own consumption.

But things are changing. Global warming is reducing forest and hunting grounds. Pygmies are forced to seek modern civilization to make a living, selling food at markets to get money for medicine and food. In order to make a transition into to a sustainable modern world, one institution needs to be in place: education.


Active involvement 

Unfortunately educating pygmies in the DRC is not a priority by the government, because pygmies do not provide society with any necessary skills and most pygmies are not familiar with money needed for school fees. This creates a vicious circle, where pygmies are isolated from the society with their old traditions. Luckily there are some NGOs working to increasing pygmies health through information about sanitary conditions.


That’s why GAD is proud to present Divine Gloria primary school, located in the village of Mayuano about 35 kilometers on the bumpy road that links the village of Mambasa to the town of Beni. The school was initially started by an Italian christian evangelicals group from Butembo with 37 pygmies at the very beginning of 2013. In 2014, it enrolled 78 pygmies!


Empowering women and pygmies

In 2015 GAD started supporting the school with donations from Norway to build a new building with three classroom. The School now has a total of 150 children, of different people groups, but mainly pygmies. This is a good way to integrate the pygmies with the rest of the Congolese society, having the opportunity to bond with people with a different background. The Divine Gloria school administration is made up by a president, two vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, five councils. Many of them are women and pygmies.


A school for coexistence

The school is still run mainly donations and volunteers. In order to supply the school our goal is to exploit the surrounding land for agriculture, and for breeding animals.
Apart from pygmies, Divine Gloria is also welcoming children from several culture and tribes. This strategy allows pygmies to aaccept, appreciate and learn from other cultures. Nelson Mandela said it so well: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We agree.


What the school still needs:

  • Benches for the pupils to sit on.
  • A sink to avoid spread of deseases.
  • A mechanic workshop to become financially independent.

If you would like to invest in the pygmee school and its pupils, you can easily do so on our account no 81601586533. We will keep you posted here on how it is going.

In the meantime, here is a video from us to show our gratitude to the Tegle family for how school as it is today:




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