What happens in Congo stays in Congo.

Children are being kidnapped, taken into the bush, where they are either raped, killed or both. The lucky ones survive only by marrying their rapists or become members of the rebel group, servents of the meat grinders, paticipapting in acts they themselvs once where viticms off.Nobody talks about it, but here is the truth about what has happened in Congo the last month.

Rebel attacks in the DRC is unfortunately a recurring subject in this blog, but this time it has become dangerous to speak out. Unlike ISIS who spread their propaganda through their own media management, these rebel groups hide their atrocities in the deep bushes, where there is no access to twitter to Facebook.

Anyone who critisise the rebel groups risk their life. Local NGOs and their families are especially targeted. Even criticising them in e-mails to us here in Norway is avoided, fearing the NALU somehow get a hold of the mails. All reporting is done in secrecy. The rebel groups have an extra eye at humanitarians and activist, to make sure that news about the crimes don’t cross the national border.

Remains of a machete victim. Photo GAD

Province Orientale, North- and South Kivu, are in DRC known as the «The Blood Provinces». It’s said that everyone in these provinces have lost family members as a result of the ongoing war. More than 4000 people killed. 350 people registered kidnapped and 200 people registered sexually abused since October 2014. We can assume its only a fraction of the real number. Allied Democratic Forcess – The National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (ADF-NALU) is one of the rebel groups that has caused horror.

Another one is called Simba, who operates in North-Kivu and Province Oriental. They are mostly to blame for the atrocities. Their goal is to oust the government. Meanwhile, they are exstracting various natural resources, like gold, tin or coltan. My colleague tells and other humanitarians are afraid they’re going to merge with ADF-NALU. Luckily the national army, FARCD, manages to chase them into the bush for periods of time.

Archive photo. Credit © MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti

80 000 internally displaced Congolese in Province Oriental. Moving away from the insecurity caused by the rebel group Simba and IFPR. A lot of people receive them in their homes, as host families.

The last big rebel group is based in Province Orientale is The Front for Patriotic Resistance of Ituri (FRPI). They are angry because their leader was prisoned by the congolese government in January this year. He is called Cobra Matata, therefor the rebel group also goes by this name. Since Cobra Matata was prisoned, they’ve caused 80 000 people to flee from their homes in Province Oriental to other parts of the province or country.

Cobra Matata arrestert
Cobra Matata arrest Photo: Radio Okapi

The congolese government tried to negotiate with them in May this year, but the rebels declined the government´s offer of 100 USD to each rebel soldier and 2000 USD to their leaders, if they split up. FRPI wants to take back the leading positions they had in the national army back in 2006. Their career in the FARDC became short. When the rebel leader Germain Katanga was brought to the International Court of Justice in Hague, they rebelled and left the FARDC and continued as an independent militia group.

The last months our Congolese colleagues have given us more details about the war they find themselfes in the middle of. And without revealing the names of our sources we referr to our colleges as we encounter you with what is going on in this neglected part of the world. What happens in Congo, won´t stay there anymore.

To be continued.
GAD – Norge

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